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MR.CARVE M4 Dual-Laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine

MR.CARVE M4 Dual-Laser Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Movie specifications
  • 【One key switch】 Built-in two laser heads, 1064nm infrared laser head and 455nm blue laser head, not only can engrave metal materials and plastic, but also non-metal materials such as wood, paper, food, etc. The range is wider, so that your creativity is not limited.

  • 【Working area】M4's working area is 70mm*70mm.

  • 【Preview Function】 Both lasers can use the preview function, which makes it easier to determine the position of engraving before engraving. Dual light fixed focus function, when the position of the two lights are parallel, it means the engraving position is at the best engraving focal length.

  • 【Rotating Fixture】 M4 can be paired with a rotary clamp for engraving cylinders or rings. Engraving a vector image inside a ring or on a ring is no longer a difficult task.

  • 【For DIY enthusiasts】Bring your crafting ideas into life in a blink of an eye. That's what you can do with M4 With its abilities to engrave photos and designs on paper cards or metal jewelry, M4 is perfect for laser starters who love to create. The machine is preassembled, and smart to use. Easy to operate but powerful in functionalities.

  • 【For Side Hustle】Time is profit. M4 can reduce your engraving time from minutes down to seconds. Whether it's engraving on wood, leather, or metal, M4 is 10 times+ faster than your normal laser engraver. Also with the Memory setting repeat engraving and Retaining Frame of M4 keeping every piece in position, it can further boost your business productivity.

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