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MR.CARVE M1 Pro Protable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

MR.CARVE M1 Pro Protable Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Power specifications
    • 【Lightest Industrial Laser Marking Machine】Our mission is to break the traditional industrial grade marking machine, the right price, the ultra-light appearance, and also suitable for metal engraving at home and production on the factory assembly line

    • 【Selected Mark】Multi-region custom laser engraving, whether it is batch engraving a complete set of keyboard caps, or creative DIY can be perfectly realized
    • 【Infrared Laser Engraving Machine】It's suitableallmetals and some hard plastic marking withalkind ofptterns,characters.Exclusive fiber -cable -hidden structure,simple and safe

    • 【Only 6KG 】Maximize the lightening of the body, and at the same time have the power of the marking machine for metal engraving, which not only makes the work of the assembly line more convenient, but also is a good choice for metal marking enthusiasts with complete functions and portability.

    • 【Real Parameters】Laser Power: 2W. Marking Area: 70mm×70mm (2.7×2.7in) ;Digital galvanomenter laser acanner head with fast marking speed.

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