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MR.CARVE DJ7 Small Laser Engraver Machine

MR.CARVE DJ7 Small Laser Engraver Machine

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Power specifications
  • Powerful Laser Etching Capability The unique base design provides etchers with etching stability and safety. The lightweight design allows the DJ7 to engrave a larger area while being more portable. Its etching area is 150mm*150mm.

  • Non-slip design The DJ7 is equipped with non-slip feet to avoid accidental collisions caused by movement, making the engraving more stable and smooth, allowing you to enjoy your engraving time.

  • Engraving on a variety of materials The laser engraver can engrave your desired images and logos on a variety of materials. It can engrave on paper, kraft paper, wood, ceramics, leather, bamboo, painted metal and more.

  • Compatible with Rotary Roller Works perfectly with the RT5 rotary roller. Easily engrave on smooth cylinders.

  • Support for lightburnThe DJ7 can be matched with lightburn to make it easier to engrave the work you want.

  • 【Premium Package】Premium Package includes DJ7+RT5.

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