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MR.CARVE C1 Auto-focus Laser Engraving Machine Portable for DIY

MR.CARVE C1 Auto-focus Laser Engraving Machine Portable for DIY

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Laser engraving machine
Power specifications
【 Compact and Lightweight 】: Adopting a foldable design, the whole body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, weighing only 4.18 pounds (1.9kg), compact and lightweight

【 Ultra high precision 】: The laser power is 5W, and a high-precision mirror type 455nm blue light laser is used. The carving accuracy is as high as 0.05mm, and the carving speed can reach 600MM/S. It can quickly carve a lifelike portrait photo on leaves.

【Etching Range】: Its working area is 3.15 inches * 3.15 inches (80mm * 80mm)

【Engraving on various materials】: Laser engraving machines can carve the pictures and logos you want on various materials. It can be carved on paper, kraft paper, wood, ceramics, leather, plastic, bamboo, painted metal, etc.

【Four laser engraving machine modes】: There are four working modes to choose from: black and white&grayscale&outline&sketch. These four carving modes enrich your carving needs and can make your patterns full of personality.

【Easy to connect】: The laser engraving machine can be connected with a mobile phone and can be used to carve the photos and logos you want using our self-developed mobile application.
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