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MR.CARVE A1 Versatile UV Laser Marking Machine

MR.CARVE A1 Versatile UV Laser Marking Machine

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Power specifications
  • 【High precision, clear marking】the UV fiber optic marking machine adopts advanced laser technology, capable of producing extremely fine laser beams, ensuring fine marking effects on a variety of materials, making the details of the marking text, patterns or two-dimensional codes clearer and more beautiful.

  • 【Working area】A1's working area reaches 150mm*150mm.

  • 【Adaptable and widely used】the machine is suitable for marking a wide range of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc. It is widely used in many industries such as electronics, automotive, jewellery, hardware products, etc., to meet the needs of different industries for marking.

  • 【High efficiency, improve production capacity】UV fiber optic marking machine has a high speed marking abilityup to 10000mm/s, greatly shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency, for enterprises to bring more economic benefits.

  • 【Easy to operate, compatible with Lightburn】A1 adopts Lightburn and Ezcad asoperating system and simple operation process, which enables users to quickly get started and carry out efficient marking operations. At the same time, the machine also has good stability and reliability. Ezcad software is included with the machine on a USB flash drive (manual and training video)

  • 【Personalized customization to meet diverse needs】we provide personalized customization services, according to the customer's specific needs and application scenarios, tailored to fit the UV fiber optic marking machine solutions to meet the diverse marking needs.

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